Waste Plastic Granulation and Recycling to Service Australian Manufacturing

Kangaroo Plastics Technology works with a variety of plastic recyclers in Australia to provide environmentally sustainable recycling solutions.

Products from Waste Plastic Granulation

Kangaroo Plastics Technology produces the highest grade of:

  • Recycle Plastic Product
  • HDPE Milk Flake
  • HDPE Colour Flake
  • PP Flake
  • PET Flake
  • HDPE Colour Resin
  • HDPE Milk Resin
  • PP Resin

Services in Plastic Recycling

Investing in the latest technology available, Kangaroo Plastics Technology is able to sort, granulate, wash and extrude most types of post-consumer waste found in kerbside material.

A Reliable, On-Shore Source of Recycled Plastic

No matter what type, mix or condition of waste plastics are supplied, Kangaroo Plastics Technology can recycle it.

Using innovations from the cutting edge of sustainability technology, we sort and granulate the plastic waste into high-grade recycled plastic products, ready for use in manufacture.
That all takes place in Australian without any need for offshoring, meaning a reliable source of recycled plastic into the future.

About Us

About Us

Kangaroo Plastics Technology deals with all different kinds of plastics, and recycles them to be exported overseas or sold locally in Australia.

Environment & Safety Policy

Environment & Safety Policy

Kangaroo Plastics Technology is committed to providing a complete, end-to-end solution for plastic recycling without leaving Australia’s shores.

Contact Us

Contact Us

We are adaptable and innovative when it comes to solving your needs in plastic supply. Contact us about our recycling plant and services.

Kangaroo Plastics Technology Ltd Pty

To learn more about our recycled products and granulation, call Kangaroo Plastics Technology today on 03 9305 2215.

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